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«Balkan Female Entrepreneurship Awards», 12th November 2014


We are glad for the organisation of the Balkan Female Entrepreneurship Awards. They are rewards created as a part of the initiative of B-WCo project aimed to: encourage the companies led by women entrepreneurs; identify and represent the women entrepreneur winners and their best practices and experience; foster the spirit of enterprise by celebrating role models in entrepreneurship; promote the female entrepreneurship in the Balkan Region. Host of the Awards is the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs with the project partners, and other organizations. They were awarded women executives, entrepreneurs and organizations then run and aim the development of the Balkan Region.

The Awards are including the following categories: 1. Balkan Start-Up of The Year, 2. Women in Innovation, 3. Social Entrepreneurship, 4. Women in Boards, 5. Women Motivators.

In choosing the recipients of the B-WCo Balkan Female Entrepreneurship Awards, regard is given to the nominee's achievements in the year immediately prior to receiving the award, as well as their past achievements and ongoing contribution to their country’s community and nation. An individual need only be nominated by the organization, representing its country in the B-WCo to be considered. That means that only female entrepreneurs from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, FYROM, Albania and Croatia can be nominated.

Nominations were sent to the Organizational Committee of the Awards which established Eligibility Criteria and Selection criteria.

Selection panels will also give consideration to the following in assessing and comparing nominations against the above criteria: Personal, academic and professional achievements; Availability and commitment to promote national pride and active citizenship though the year of the recipient's appointment and so on.

Winners have been chosen by voting via internet application by voters from Balkan countries. Award ceremony was organized in the frame of final project meeting. The winners for 2014 are:

  1. Start-Up of the Year - Svetlana Mojić from Serbia
  2. Social Entrepreneurship - Ana Bojevska from FYROM
  3. Women Motivators - Fotoula Sapounaki from Greece
  4. Women in Boards - Simona Baciu from Romania
  5. Woman in Innovation - Nuray Karalar from Turkey

The workshop had strong media impact through 2 Press releases, 58 announcements in web sites, 4 newsletters sent and total reach ability at least 1.500 subscribers.

Awards 2014


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