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Participation in Seminar ˝Status of women entrepreneurship and the needs in adult learning˝- Croatia, Zagreb, 2 – 3 October 2013


The Seminar was held in Zagreb, Croatia by ZRINSKI, B – WCo Croatian partner on 2nd and 3rd October 2013. The seminar had 2 days duration, took place at Hotel Antunovid, Zagrebačka Avenija 100 A, Zagreb, Croatia and has 21 participants both days.

The topics covered were:

  • Entrepreneurship - growth, jobs and sustainability
  • Female Entrepreneurship
  • Distant learning in adult education for adult female entrepreneurship
  • The value of mentorship for female entrepreneurs
  • Importance of social networks as informal learning in female entrepreneurship
  • Business incubators for female entrepreneurs: examples and success stories
  • Non-formal and informal methods of entrepreneurial learning
  • Practical entrepreneurial experience: sharing and gathering entrepreneurial knowledge and skills

Entrepreneurial learning should be given an early start to develop entrepreneurship skills in boys and girls according to their own needs and interests. It should be accessible to all and embedded in a culture of lifelong learning. Entrepreneurship should become a key competence in curricula. Special attention should be paid to developing leadership skills in girls from the early phases of education and to broadening their exposure to technology-related issues. Learning has to provide common and equal opportunities, regardless of gender, to engage in any type of employment, to succeed in any sector of the economy and to run a business. Measures should be taken to overcome prejudiced and discriminative attitudes towards women in business or in leadership positions: dedicated policies and education programmes must focus on developing self-efficacy among women entrepreneurs and promote their role in top management and company boards. Adult education and training also needs to be employed to entrepreneurial potential of women and to encourage their own business development.

Special Guest of the events was Mrs. Madi Sharma, Mr. João Manuel da Silva Carvalho and representatives from the public sector.

The dissemination of the seminar was implemented through newsletter and announcements in local websites (6 links with publications of the reports, 1 press publication schools newspapers, 5 web articles, 1 press release in Croatian). The total impact of the events is about 500 subscribers.

For more information please click here http://www.balkancoalition.com.

B-WCo Zagreb 2013B-WCo Zagreb 2013 2


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