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“We offer you authentic Greek products from Greek producers straight to you, with the mentality of pureness, quality and value of Greek nature.”

With Made in Greece cluster we provide:

  • Premium One Stop Support for Exports and Imports for Greek SMEs and Export Support in Greek Quality Brands
  • Import Support for Store Chains
  • Benchmark Analysis for Commodity Products, selecting always the best and more cost-efficient for our Asian clients
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Awarded as “Best in Class”
    in New York Olive Oil
    Competition for 2016
    Multi awarded since 2013
    Kosher Certified

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Awarded as “Best in Class”
    in New York Olive Oil
    Competition for 2016
    Multi awarded since 2013
    Kosher Certified

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Anoskeli”

    Silver Medal distinction at the International New York Olive Oil competition – April 2013 In London Olive Oil Competition (8th Aristion 2016 Olive Oil Awards) received a Bronze Award in the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016 category

  • Extra virgin olive oil (Biological)

    Silver medal at the 17th, 18th,
    20th International BIOL
    competition in Citta di Andria, Italy
    for 2012, 2013, 2015

  • ABEA
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic “ABEA”

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
    PDO Kolymvari “ABEA”

  • Extra virgin olive oil, Koroneiki “ABEA”

  • ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Tsounati “ABEA”

  • Extra virgin olive

  • LADI
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic,

    Blossom Honey “SITHON”
    Awarded with the Superior
    Taste Award (three stars)
    by International Taste
    Quality Institute.

  • Pine Honey

  • Awarded with two stars
    by International Taste
    and Quality Institute

    Forest Honey

  • Thyme Honey


    Balsamic vinegar
    “Cretan Nectar”

  • White balsamic vinega
    “Cretan Nectar”

  • Balsamic vinegar with honey
    “Cretan Nectar

  • Balsamic Vinegar Cream
    “Cretan Nectar

  • Balsamic Creame with Fresh Oranges
    “Cretan Nectar

  • Balsamic Creame with Thyme Honey
    “Cretan Nectar


    Tuna in Olive Oil “Sunland”

  • Tuna in Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
    Biological “Sunland

  • Sardines in Olive Oil “Sunland”

  • Sardines in Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Biological “Sunland”

  • Anchovy Marinated “Sunland”


    GOLDEN RAISINS by Sunland

  • BLACK RAISINS by Sunland





    Apricot Jam

  • Cretan Orange-Apple Jam

  • Strawberries Jam

  • Kiwi-Banana-Apple Jam

  • Vanilla Plum Jam

  • Strawberries with Dark Chocolate Jam Spread

  • Vanilla Plum Olive Oil and Honey Jam Spread

  • Lasagna,Noodles,Couscous,Manestra,Trachanas,Trivelakia

    Tagliolini(with pepper, tomato, spinach, cuttlefish ink and many more flavors)


    Type: dry white wine

  • Rizitis
    Type: dry red wine

  • Rizitis
    Type: dry rose wine

  • Kudos Malvazia Aromatica
    Type: dry white wine

  • Kudos Grenache Rouge
    Type: dry rose wine

  • Lihnos White
    Type: organic dry white wine

  • Lihnos Red
    Type: organic dry red wine

  • Euphoria Romeiko
    Type: Dessert Wine


    Let us acquaint you with our wines,
    made with artistry and respect for the long-lasting tradition of Naoussa

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  • Item3
  • Item1
  • Item2
  • Item3
  • Shampoo Olive Oil - Honey

  • Hair Conditioner Olive Oil-Honey

  • Shower Gel Olive Oil-Orange

  • Body Lotion Olive Oil-Orange

  • Liquid Soap Olive Oil- Levander

  • White Soap with Olive Oil- Levander

  • White Soap Olive Oil- Orange

  • Olive Green Soap

  • Green Olive Soap with Olive Seeds & Honey


    Table Water “Samaria”

  • Carbonated Water “Samaria”

  • Carbonated Water with lemon “Samaria”

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