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Page Title  Made in Greece Cluster

MADE IN GREECE Cluster is an Umbrella brand of Pure Greek products, managed by OECON GROUP Co., aiming the development of Greek Exports and the Promotion of the Value of the Greek diet. It has been created 3 years ago and unites more than 50 Greek Producers in the Sector of Quality Food and Drinks. The Cluster’s activities have been supported by the Greek Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Food Industry.

The last 3 years, more than 15 Promotional Activities have been organized in Asia by Made in Greece Cluster, in order to promote Exports of Quality Food and Drinks produced only in Greece. All products that are under the umbrella are certified by ISO and other International Quality Standards. More than 500 successful B2Bs and Co operations have been achieved for products of MADE IN GREECE Cluster.

In Made in Greece Cluster you will find a great variety of Food Products (more than 1200 products in total), developed by the best producers of Greece, as Extra Virgin Olive Oils (NYOOC, London OOC, Japan OOC, Terraoliva etc.), Honey (Superior Taste Award), Vinegars and Balsamic Creams, Traditional Dairies, PDO Wines, Water, Soft Drinks and so much more.

Indicative companies which are participated in Made in Greece Cluster:

ABEA: Producer of olive oil & cosmetics by olive oil

ANOSKELI: Producer of olive oil in all kinds

CHRISOPIGI: Producer of high quality E.V. olive oil                

CRETAN NECTAR: Produces Balsamic Vinegars & Creams

ETANAP S.A.: Production of mineral water “SAMARIA”

GEA CRETA:  Production of prickly pear and juices –jars etc.    

LADITSOUDEROS: Producer of Olive oil

MEDITERRANEAN ESCARGOTS: Production of Escargots/rare variety & ready meals

MEZE MEDITERANEE: Production of Pastas                      

PETROMILOS: Production of Pastas in all kinds

SITHON: Cooperative Company of Honey products            

SUNLAND: Producer of canned fish & Dry Nuts              



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